Health Care Consulting From Hospital to Home

Welcome to Care Network Nevada

At Care Network Nevada, we provide consulting services that bring individual health care practitioners and health care providers together to improve outcomes as well as financial performance. We also offer post-acute physician, primary care physician, home health nursing, and other services.

Our Vision

Care Network Nevada is founded on the principle that the continuity of care for patients facing acute medical issues enhances the quality of the outcome, improves the satisfaction of the patient and their loved ones, and reduces overall cost.

That’s why our company has put together a network of vendors, providers, and consultative staff to help facilities and physicians bridge the gaps in various levels of care. We also work with our clients individually to improve infrastructure in clinical and administrative operations to reduce adverse outcomes and increase reimbursement in a quality environment.

What Makes Our Services Stand Out

We believe that communication between individual health care practitioners and health care providers is vital. Our team preserves the continuity of care and reduce readmission and negative outcomes by eliminating dropped hand-offs between providers when patients transition from hospital to home.