Care Network Nevada is owned by Dr. Lonnie Empey and Michael McCarthy, who have a combined 60 years of experience in the health care industry. Our team is here to professionally address the needs of both health care practitioners and health care providers/facilities throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

More About Our Owners

Lonnie Empey, D.O.

Dr. Empey graduated from the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, performed his residency at Tripler Army Medical Center, and stationed with the US Army where he achieved the rank of Major. Dr. Empey started his practice as an outpatient internal medicine physician and a hospitalist more than 18 years ago.

Dr. Empey has held positions of responsibility with Mesa View Medical Center as vice chief of medicine and chief of staff. He was also a member of the Medical Executive Committee and worked as vice chief of staff at Desert Springs Hospital.

Currently, Dr. Empey works as a hospitalist and a post-acute physician in a rehabilitation hospital, long-term acute care hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. He continues to pursue this field as he believes that the transitions in care are crucial to achieving the best possible result for his patients facing an acute health crisis.

Michael McCarthy

Mr. McCarthy obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from San Diego State University and completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Golden Gate University. He began his career on the insurance side, working for FHP, Inc., a Las Vegas HMO based out of California.

Before deciding to get involved in the provider side of the industry, Mr. McCarthy created two independent physician associations (IPAs) and successfully ran them for more than 3 years. In addition, he worked with Rainbow Medical Centers, providing family medicine services and urgent care for 8 years, and with Internal Medicine Associates for another 4 years.

Mr. McCarthy and Dr. Empey worked closely together in the hospitalist arena for more than 2 years, where they played the key role of facility-based physicians. They guide patients and their families through the acute care environment and the post-acute facility until the patient is safely back home in the hands of their own primary care physician.

It is this network of doctors and adjunct personnel that ensures the best possible outcome for the patient.

Mission Statement

CNN’s mission is to create infrastructure in a fee for service environment that includes quality as a co-equal goal to that of financial performance. We intend to maintain this infrastructure at a no-cost or low-cost level such that the client is allowed to experience the benefits prior to any cost being incurred so they firmly understand that quality and cost are not mutually exclusive.

We serve health care facilities and individual practices in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about the scope of what we offer, get in touch with us by phone or email