Dr. Anthony Pollard

Transitional Care Physicians is a specialized type of care that focuses in that acute time period after hospital admission or extended stay in a skilled nursing facility. Any time you are discharged from any type of inpatient facility your chance of readmission goes down if you see your primary physician within one week. Sometimes however your physician may not have an appointment for two months, or perhaps you never got around to establish with a primary care.

Without physician intervention post-discharge, about one in every four patients goes back the hospital within 30 days. If you get into a doctor that first week, that rate goes down to one in every twelve patients.

Complications from medications or their use, dietary changes, self-care education, tracking improvements with additional lab or imaging services may all be needed to ascertain if you are continuing your recovery or taking a turn for the worse.

Our founder and Medical Director Dr. Anthony Pollard has focused his practice over the last thirty years in keeping people from going to the hospital or as in this case, going back. Dr. Pollard is a board certified Family Medicine Physician with 30 years of practice experience in Las Vegas. After separating from the Navy where he served for six years as a flight surgeon, he and his wife settled in Las Vegas and had two lovely girls who he has raised and sent off to college.

Rather than continue in semi-retirement, Dr. Pollard saw a need among patients who were discharged and having a difficult time seeing a physician and realized he could help. Dr. Pollard knows about helping not only his patients, but the adult children trying to care for their aging parents, and how difficult it is to navigate today’s healthcare system. That’s why he works with physicians who see patients in the hospital or rehab unit, or skilled nursing facility so that he can assist with coordinating discharge and aftercare. He knows plenty of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians who can take over the longer term care and can buy the family time to get that appointment for continuing care. Dr. Pollard takes all of the inpatient information and ties it all together so that the physician not only has a clear understanding of the inpatient episode, but that which they need to determine with the patient on a course of action that is best for everyone.

If you find your loved one in need of physician services, ask for Dr. Pollard and Transitional Care Physicians and we’ll handle the rest.

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